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AVSIM - By far one of the best B777 doc's around

Marlon Carter reviews the B777 flight to Hong Kong. (…) This program is by far one of the best B777 documentaries around and it nicely showcases the B777 and the professionalism of the flight crew. If you are interested in the B777 (…), this is definitely the program for you..

Tec Time TV - Interview with Producer Th. Aigner
Interview (german) with Thomas Aigner on tectime.tv, available on cable and on satellite “for a technical interested audience”. Bullets: the main idea of AME | Why destination Quito | Making of dock | Day Off – why rosefarm | Difference between passanger- and cargoroutes | Special Service PEFB PilotsEYE Flightbag | Upcoming destinations |
Amazon.de - Der Traum vom Fliegen

Success Story Amazon.de

(…) Back in the days, Thomas was in front of TV-cameras. Today, he can be found in cockpits filming and catching breathtaking views from above.

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DAT Inflight - Mit den Augen des Piloten

Making of PilotsEYE.tv – Dansk Onboard magazine (…)

Thomas Aigner & Co could be compared with BBC Top Gear TV-show for automotive fans, but a bit better. (Language Dansk) (…)

Professional Production - making of PilotsEYE.tv

Producer and director Thomas Aigner has successfully filled a market gap with the tv-format PilotsEYE.tv – Flight fascinating documentaries from the cockpits of commercial airliners. Ruodlieb Neubauer met with him and spoke about the special requirements of these productions.


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