Los Angeles B747

Leader of the pack – for one last time

Flight description

As close to the yoke as it gets: PilotsEYE.tv’s newest episode shines with smog-free, high-definition pictures of Los Angeles – and a very intimate glimpse into the cockpit – as legendary Lufthansa Fleet Commander Norber Wölfle “has the stick” for one final time after 38 years of service.
Premiere in Jumbo format

For the first time, PilotsEYE.tv is a guest in the cockpit of a Boeing 747-400 and accompanies the ruler of over 710 aircraft and 1700 pilots into aeronautical retirement. PilotsEYE shows the most spectacular images from the cockpit of airliners and guarantees unusual authentic insights into the real everyday life of a pilot in HD quality.

The last flight of the Top Dog

Frankfurt is usually foggy and damp cold in January. The de-icing vehicles, which are driven up to the aircraft to save time, are therefore nothing special in this weather for Senior First Officer Matt Baur and Rainer Lange, the head of the 747 long-haul fleet. Both are long-time employees of Lufthansa’s fleet boss Norbert Wölfle, whom they are accompanying today to the west coast of the US.

Toward the West without Papers

Due to especially strong winds, today’s flight goes to the USA on a very southerly airway, which is otherwise only used for the flight home. 1-hour delays can be offset by a strong tail wind and the arrival time will be earlier. This allows the crew to make up a one-hour delay and land even before the scheduled arrival. Operationally, this is not a problem, because the Boeing 747 with the registration D-ABTK is already equipped with the “paperless cockpit”, and therefore an additional screen on the cockpit window, on which all flight documents are digitally available. The original software (Lido / eRouteManual) is therefore used for the first time in the film for visualization.

Always an Alternative

The regular weather update of all alternate airports is a part of the cockpit work. A request via satellite shortly thereafter delivers
the current data on the onboard printer. Captain Woelfle explains to the audience every single letter and number code. Anyone who has a desire for explanations will opt for audio track 2, and listens to the personal audio commentary of the captain at a normal sound.

Flying is teamwork

PilotsEYE.tv is focusing specifically on the teamwork between the pilots in careful images in this episode and shows how precise work can function in just such a small area. Approachable, calm and appreciative, Airline Captain Wölfle leads his crew and verifies that all pilots act relaxed in any stressful situation. The quiet narrative proves the viewer with space for his own interpretation, which is rounded out by memories of special moments and reflective thoughts on the pilot’s life.

The Strip in HD

PilotsEYE.tv also offers spectacular HD images in this episode: Wisconsin in wintery splendor, Las Vegas still so sharp from an altitude of 12,000 meters altitude that individual hotels on the “Las Vegas Strip” can be recognized, and finally the San Bernardino Mountains at the edge of Los Angeles – submerged in sunlight and smog-free for a change.

The automatic accelerator and the autopilot are switched off after extending the landing flaps. From now on, the pilot is flying the 240 tons with his left hand and carefully accelerates with his right hand. For the first time, PilotsEYE.tv is showing the input on the yoke and the response of the aircraft synchronous in the same image for the first time. The audience directly experiences how the movements of the yoke affect the position of the aircraft. You cannot get any closer to the fascination of flying.

Los Angeles is my City

Before returning to Frankfurt, Norbert Woelfle invites to
three beautiful places, which he has grown fond of over the years: the Getty Museum in the morning, lunch at Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica and sunset on Mount Hollywood, in the Griffith Observatory.

A bonus complete with thanks

Colleagues, staff and companions of Norbert Wölfle are dedicating the Pilots.EYE.tv bonus segment to their “Top Dog”. The audience is participating in the emotional declaration of thanks, good wishes and joking (wine) invitations.

PilotsEYE.tv. makes the fascination of flying an experience

“PilotsEYE.tv is showing the viewer the world of pilots in breathtaking images and of a quality as if he is himself sitting in the cockpit, ” says Thomas Aigner, Managing Director of AignerMEDIA.

The viewer has a reserved seat on the jump seat in the cockpit in each episode of PilotsEYE.tv. The DVD quality also benefits from the HD recording technology: the images are more focused, have more color fidelity and are more vivid.

Price and availability of PilotsEYE.tv LOS ANGELES

This ninth episode of PilotsEye.tv is available immediately on DVD and Blu-ray for € 29.90 from www.pilotseye.tv.

All movies include English and German subtitles.

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Blu-ray: EAN 4260139480142 – ISBN 978-3-940358-14-1

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Always blue skies.

DVD:     EAN 4260139480043 – ISBN 978-3-940358-04-2
Blu-ray: EAN 4260139480142 – ISBN 978-3-940358-14-1

UPDATE Oct 2020:

Audio-Podcast: https://planetalk.tv
Video-Podcast: https://youtu.be/mYDYQtaV-ek  (24 subtitle languages)

After 22,000 hours of flying, the experienced captain has his very own and, above all, frank view of things, such as the decision to phase out four-engine aircraft. Look forward to an entertaining and exciting 30 minutes with the former employer of the 5,000 Lufthansa pilots.


Flight data & Crew

  • Flight no.: LH 456/457
  • Aircraft: Boeing 747-430M
  • Run time: 120 min
  • Captain |
    Norbert Wölfle
  • Captain |
    Rainer Lange
  • Sen first Officer |
    Matthias Baur





  • Unusually fast southern routing over the Atlantic
  • Joyous sunset over the Grand Canyon
  • Authentic navigation charts by LIDO
  • Split view of pilot and runway during landing
  • Captain’s tour of the Getty Museum and Griffith Obs.
  • Reflections on 38 years and 25,000 flight hours
  • Colleagues’ words of farewell
  • German commentary explains pilots’ work