LTU A330 - The lost files (Only on Video on Demand)

Flight description

German history

Founded in 1955, in 2007 it was absorbed into Air Berlin, which has since also ceased operations: LTU International Airways. For many people it was more than just an airline, it was a piece of home (NRW) and a symbol and feeling of vacation and recreation. PilotsEYE.tv was able to take a seat on the jumpseat of an A330-200 on the scenic route from Düsseldorf to Corfu shortly before the merger with Air Berlin. In this episode, flight operations manager and captain Joe Moser and first officer Eva Jerusalem take some sun-seeking passengers to the small island west of the Greek mainland.

Deviation for Sightseeing

For the time being, the route leads across southern Germany. The subsequent crossing of the Alps is probably always a treat for pilots and passengers alike. Lush green valleys below snow-capped peaks in high summer! What a magnificent view! After crossing South Tyrol, Joe Moser takes the liberty of asking the Italian air traffic controller for a slight course change to give our camera a better view of Veneto and the breathtaking Venice lagoon. A sympathetic Italian voice on the radio gives us the clearance for this.

Enthusiasm on the job

We discover that even pilots who fly above the clouds every day enjoy the spectacular views every time. At cruising altitude, Eva Jerusalem introduces us to the approach procedure to Venice Airport from her time at Niki and tells us how she got into flying. After all, sitting in the right-hand seat of an A330 at the age of 24 is a respectable achievement, says Moser. This is what enthusiasm looks like!

About Greek approaches…

The island airports around Greece should be popular with most pilots! Manual flying is required here. Approaches are often made according to VOR or NDB, instrument landing systems are not to be found. No pilot in the world should have to be told twice! It is the captain who performs the landing at Kerkyra airport and explains the approach procedure with potential break-out to the 2300m short runway in south/north orientation.

…and small runways

He also makes clear why the airport is probably not quite sized for A330s and the lack of space presents challenges for the equipment. With a long right turn over the bay of Psara, Joe Moser steers his aircraft visually to runway 35 in Corfu with a magnificent view, which reminds a bit of the landing in Sint Marteen (SXM), as there are always onlookers standing and waving on a bridge just before the runway.

Return flight for dreamers

After a one-hour turn-around, the A330 and its crew are heading back home. After the takeoff of Eva who is now directing 168 tons with the sidestick, picturesque shots of the Greek hinterland, like the Samariá Gorge National Park or the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro, accompanied by music, await us. Impressions of the entire Balkan Peninsula in a few minutes!

Harmonizing team

Eva Jerusalem, who is now flying the aircraft, additionally provides us with technical flight details as well as entertaining no-go’s when working with Austrian clientele. In any case, the humor does not fall by the wayside with this cockpit duo. It is a pleasure to watch the two pilots at work and collegiality at close range.

See and avoid: Build-ups on approach

In the meantime, the weather in Germany has built up quite a bit, as they say in aviation jargon. So-called towering cumulus cover the entire approach to the 05R in Düsseldorf. So before the vacationers land back home, the cockpit crew has to fly a few evasive maneuvers to avoid entering the clouds and the associated turbulence. With a few experienced tips from the captain, Eva Jerusalem then manages a butter-smooth landing with the A330. An aircraft type that is not known to pilots as a glider for nothing, as the speed on final approach must be meticulously correct.

The lost tapes

The Corfu and Cape Town episodes date from a time when it was not yet clear whether Blu-ray (Sony / blue) or HD-DVD (Toshiba / red) would prevail. And by the time the decision was made, more episodes had already been shot. So we had decided to offer these (somewhat shorter) episodes only to the real fans as video-on-demand.

Experience history

LTU is history today, what remains is film footage like this. Saying goodbye to the airline was probably not easy for most people. So it’s even nicer to be able to step back in time and take a seat in the jump seat once again. This episode of PilotsEYE makes it possible!

We wish you good entertainment and always happy landings!

Flight data & Crew

  • Flight no.: LT300
  • Aircraft: Airbus A330-200
  • Run time: 60 min
  • Chief Pilot & Captain |
    Joe Moser
  • First Officer |
    Eva Jerusalem