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Good Bye, Boeing! - Phased out

Flight description

PilotsEYE.tv Episode 17 “Goodbye, Boeing” accompanies one of the last airberlin Boeing 737 flights from Munich to Egypt’s Red Sea Coast

She’s the most produced commercial airplane in the world: the legendary Boeing 737. Since her inaugural flight in 1967, over 9000 models have left the assembly line, taking countless passengers up into the skies. But in several German airlines, the venerated 737 is looking at her well-deserved retirement.

Before the end of the year, airberlin will have finished their gradual, two year-long phase-out of their complete Boeing fleet and, for economical reasons, operate exclusively with Airbus planes from then on. PilotsEYE.tv had the opportunity to join one of the last active 737s on her trip to sunny Egypt.

For the very first time featuring commentary by both pilots, Episode 17 offers viewers the chance to experience a complete round-trip from Bavaria‘s Munich to the Red Sea’s premiere bathing resort, right from the best seat on the plane – including both technical and personal histories.

A not insignificant challenge for the filmmakers, as the 737’s comparatively small cockpit is the smallest space they have ever shot with 10 cameras simultaneously.

A professional goodbye

Befitting the occasion, pilots Cpt. Florian Deiters and FO Michail Tounas meet the night before at the Munich hangar for a final look at “their” 737-800NG, up close and personal. Featuring many technical details from resident 737-expert Deiters, the informative tour of the D-ABMP also reveals the history behind a seemingly unconventional protective measure at the rear of the plane, the so-called “tailshoe”.

A Pusher‘s Life – the driving force before takeoff

As viewers have come to expect from PilotsEYE.tv productions, the 90-min film also prominently features a rather different perspective on the fascination of aviation: as a Munich Airport pushback driver lays the “groundwork” for a successful takeoff. Gerhard Ruhland has, literally, led a moving life. An employee of Munich Airport for over 25 years, Gerhard pushes and pulls airplanes of up to 550 tons around the runway apron, takes care of supplies and deliveries, and presents PilotsEYE.tv with a few uniquely interesting – and for passengers normally inaccessible – perspectives of “his” planes. For who really knows what happens below the plane during cast-off?

From Cradle to the Cockpit – a Captain’s tale

When a father takes his son up on flights ever since before he could crawl, and the fascination of flight remains with the son until he grows up to be pilot, the term “formative childhood experience” comes to mind. Cpt. Florian Deiters tells of his very own path into the pilot’s seat, from his first flight in a baby carrier on the backseat of his father’s Cessna, to his first “command” of a glider plane, to his by now 15.000 hours on the stick. “Once you’ve caught that aviation bug, it just won’t let go…“

Keeping trim – an Autopilot’s burden

„Should a lot of passengers suddenly feel the urge to use the restrooms, it’s the autopilot that feels it the most. The stronger the trim, the worse the food”, joke the pilots when talking about maintaining flight attitude. To minimize the strain on the flaps, the autopilot continuously adjusts the position of the whole wing. And in a quite charming anachronism, on a 737-800NG that is still an analog process – with a pulley. It’s the story of the „Trim Tab Wheel“ and the weight-watching Autopilot.

The Flight Path – Hurghada and back again

Munich (de) – St. Johann (at) – Villach – Ljubljana (si) – Mostar (ba) – Dubrovnik (hr) – Ioannina (gr) – Crete – al-Fayyūm (ec) – Hurghada (ec) – Cairo – Rhodes (gr) – Kraljevo (s) – Maribor (si) – Graz (at) Salzburg – Munich (de)

Limited Access – Approaching difficulties

Airports are categorized by levels of difficulty. On a category C airport, only selected pilots are allowed to land, having received special training to deal with adverse conditions like tight turns during the approach phase. Which airports besides Funchal and Sarajevo also made the list of “special requirements” tells copilot Michail Tounas.

Phased out! A detailed goodbye to the Boeing 737

It’s a common occurrence to see an airline, like it is currently happening at Germania, phase a specific airplane model or even manufacturer out of their fleet.

Due to well-known budget cuts at Airberlin, the German airline is gradually retiring their complete Boeing fleet to be replaced by Airbus machines – partly taken from sister company Alitalia – by the end of the year. Having by now already transitioned to fly in A320s, both pilots used the film – shot one year ago – to reminisce on some of the charming quirks and characteristics of a true “classic of the skies”, affectionately called the “Bobby”, the one and only Boeing 737.

A sales slip for a flight plan

What at first glance might look like a sales slip snaking languidly out of the thermo-printer is actually the flight-plan for the return trip. With the plane still one hour out of Egypt’s Hurgharda, the cockpit already receives the most vital data for their subsequent flight back home. What factors the flight plan takes into account, and why it is cheaper, for example, to bring along additional fuel instead filling up at their destination, explains Cpt. Deiters.

Technical Treats – 4 bonus features only on Disc

Bonus I – A Pusher`s Life – the driving force before takeoff
Bonus II – Airport Neighbors love the GLS Precision Approach System
Bonus III – Tension on board – the Overhead Panel
Bonus IV – Electric Light Orchestra – How many pilots does it take to screw in a bulb?

Two Pilots, one commentary

Episode 17 marks a first in PilotsEYE.tv history, as both pilots had the opportunity to watch and comment on the film together, reminiscing with private anecdotes on certain scenes and providing background information on the shown procedures. The glee of looking over their own shoulders is more than evident, and the leisurely, humorous tone of the commentary a great incentive to watch the film once more with Audio-Track 2. All that information could hardly be more entertaining.

The PEFB – Full PDF disclosure for aviation enthusiasts

For all aviation fans and enthusiasts eager to learn more about their passion, PilotsEYE.tv offers all relevant – including several handwritten – flight documents as a free download. Starting with detailed reports, operational flight plans and weather charts, to the vital radio calls and the flight path – the „PilotsEYE Flight Briefing” is available as PDF @ http://PilotsEYE.tv/downloads

PilotsEYE.tv. makes you happy

“According to an American study, curiosity leads to creativity which in turn triggers a sensation of pleasure in the brain”, says AignerMEDIA CEO Thomas Aigner, quoting creativity researcher George Land. “If we can satisfy our audience’s curiosity, we’ll happily share in their pleasure. We had those feeling during the whole time of the shoot.

For the Vocal Audience – 737 Callouts – Remastered

Connoisseurs of automated Cockpit-voices can enjoy a completely remastered selection of the 737’s “aural warnings”, available in the Downloads section.

(Pilots)EYE-catching – Eleven Wallpapers for free

Continuing a standing PilotsEYE.tv tradition, this newest episode is accompanied by another selection of 11 new, custom-made screenshots from the film as computer wallpapers. Ready as a free download in 1024, 1080, 1920 and 2560 resolutions



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Flight data & Crew

  • Flight no.: AB2932
  • Aircraft: Boeing 737-800NG
  • Run time: 110
  • Captain |
    Florian Deiters
  • First Officer |
    Michail Tounas





A Pusher’s life – the driving force before takeoff

From cradle to the cockpit – a Captain’s tale

Restricted access – challenging Airports

Keeping trim – an autopilot’s burden

Boeing 737-800 facelift facts

A sales slip for a flight plan

Safer flying with a shoe on your tail

Electronic Flightbag – free download

4x Bonus delights – technical insights for Fans

A PilotsEYE Premiere – both pilots, one commentary