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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

l want to follow the flight paths using Google Earth

Together with all the available documentation for each flight, the flight paths can be downloaded as “kmz” files in the Flight Bags section. Flight Bags are available starting with Episode 3 “Shanghai”.

Can I have the original flight data for use with a FLIGHT SIMULATOR?

All data – including handwritten notes, flight plan, weather, real times, fuel consumption etc. – are available in our downloadsection. Starting with episode 10.

Will you also be flying with “smaller” planes and airlines?

Our only limitation is the available space in the cockpit. Simply said, if there is no additional seating space behind the pilots, we won’t have enough room for our equipment and you would not enjoy the resulting pictures. Meanwhile we reached our maximum by filming a B737 leg to Hurghada. Soon there will be even less space, by filming one episode in a Swiss CSeries.

When will the episodes “Corfu” and “Capetown” be released on disc?

Both episodes are only available as VoD (Video on Demand) via Vimeo.

Watch the Corfu episode

Watch the Capetown episode

Why are the episodes “San Francisco 01” and “North Pole” not available on Blu-ray?

Recorded on HD DVD-ROM (WMV9), both episodes were shot and produced 2006 before we knew, which High-Definition format would win the race. We are considering to re-release the episode “North Pole” – with additional footage from 2008 – on Blu-ray, as soon as our production plan will allow for it.

But rest assured: all future PilotsEYE.tv episodes will always be released on both DVD and Blu-ray and Video on Demand.

Who are the artists performing the music in your productions?

Most of the music comes from so called music libraries, like Universal, Kapagama, Intervox or Extreme Music. Sadly, those tracks are not (yet) available for purchase. But with each PilotsEYE.tv episode we raise the amount of commercially available music – not in the least because we are receiving more and more offers of artists and composers to use their music for our productions.

In the meantime, you can enjoy a compilation of the music used in episode 15 “AirLounge ONE” here: http://music.pilotseye.tv

Will I be able to play your films on USA (NTSC) equipment?

Due to the differences in format and the often lacking features of older equipment, we cannot guarantee that our discs will play on any NTSC equipment. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Our PAL Films (1080p25 and 576i50) will always play on Computers.
  • They will mostly play on Playstations
  • They will almost always play on regular Blu-ray Players with 25p
    (25 frames progressive) output
  • Almost every Flat screen can handle any frame rate
  • But they will not play on older NTSC DVD-Players.

The technical details: The standard frame rate for NTSC films is 60 frames interlaced, or 30 frames progressive. The standard frame rate for PAL is 50 frames, interlaced or 25 frames, progressive. Flat screen TVs can usually display both frame rates, but cheaper or older model players sometimes read only NTSC.

(2015 Update) Beginning with the Episode No.15 Airlounge, all our Blu-ray discs are 1080p24 – which will play “worldwide” since it is the official Cinema-Framerate.

Are the DVDs and Blu-rays REGION FREE?

Yes, our films will play in devices from all over the world.

No Region Code – no age restrictions.

What LANGUAGE do the pilots speak in your films?

During “flight procedures”, they talk in English, the international language of aviation. This is mandatory for flight crews all over the world.

During their personal conversation, however, the crew will revert to their native German, for which we provide you with English subtitles.

(Update 2017 – we are catering languages as English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Turk.

Will there be other SUBTITLES besides English and German?

As PilotsEYE.tv is successfully expanding to new markets, appropriate translations and subtitles will be made available. Currently, all our films feature English and German subtitles, with French and Spanish being featured in several select productions.

Is there a TV-channel that airs complete episodes?

As of right now, only PilotsEYE.tv’s HD trailers can be seen on TV. They are featured on the following three channels: Astra HD, Astra HD+, and Luxe TV, some episodes can be watched at Spiegel.tv, Planet.tv, Davinci.tv, planestream.de.

Subscribe to our Facebook/YouTube channel and we will keep you updated.

Regarding the PilotsEYE.tv Logo: Is there a potential for “Burn In” on Plasma oder TFT Displays?

The PilotsEYE.tv logo, situated in the lower left corner, is highly transparent, the picture being displayed behind it “bleeding through”. As such, the logo does not pose a threat of “burn in” like the static logos of many regular TV channels might do.

So, if you don’t have “burn in” problems watching regular TV, we promise you will not have any problems with our logo.

How can I buy PilotsEYE DVD & Blu-ray from OUTSIDE the EU?

PilotsEYE.tv episodes can be purchased online via Amazon.de and Amazon.uk. Both ship our episodes to almost every corner of the world, albeit with potentially higher shipping rates. More Info about shipping rates out of germany.

Clicking on the desired film in the “Flight Paths” section, will automatically forward you to the corresponding amazon order site for your language.

This is our recommendation – AMAZON germany with english language

I would like to select my own / a different CAMERA ANGLE

While we had initially planned to offer the option of different camera angles, we had to decide against it. Due to the fact that every single camera angle’s data stream has to share a finite amount of bandwidth with other concurrent streams, the resulting loss of quality simply would have been too significant.

Where can I get more information?

Discuss PilotsEYE.tv with others @ Facebook
Visit our YouTube Channel @ YouTube
Follow us on Twitter: @Twitter

Or you ask our producer directly: ta@pilotseye.tv (be warned, though, the reply might not be immediate)

For press releases and free review copies, please send an email with your outlets to: presse@pilotseye.tv


How can I stay informed about PilotsEYE.tv?

The easiest way would be to subscribe to one of these channels:

YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/pilotseye
Facebook: http://facebook.com/pilotseye
Twitter: http://twitter.com/pilotseye

PS: If you are member of press and would like to cover our series,
feel free to drop us a note at: presse@pilotseye.tv

What if I purchased the wrong product / is there an exchange policy?

Sure, if you have problems enjoying your product, we will exchange to DVD or Blu-ray or even into a Voucher for Video on Demand.

Contact us via eMail: ta (at) pilotseye.tv

And return the disc to

AignerMEDIA | Muenchener Str 14 | D-85540 Munich, Germany


Where in the world can I purchase the discs?

Almost in the whole world:

Amazon.de is talking english and is shipping almost worldwide.
This is more info from Amazon Germany shipping rules.

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