Relaxed Flying

Conquer your Fear (... of Flying)

Flight description

One out of three passengers does not feel secure during a flight. The team at PilotsEye.tv had the opportunity to accompany 12 participants of a Lufthansa Aviophobia workshop during the entire training. These workshops have been successful for the past 30 years. The trainer, psychologist Antonia Arboleda-Hahnemann, works together with the participants for the cause of the uncomfortable feeling between takeoff and landing.

“Flying Relaxed – Overcoming the Fear of Flying” views the flight to Hamburg from three perspectives: from the cabin, from the technology, and from air traffic control.

Offstage – What Really Happens between Check-In and Disembarking

The audience receives detailed information from the staff in the tower about the procedure between tower and pilot before clearance for takeoff.

They are taken behind the technical scenes of flying: the strange and abrupt noises before and during the flight: PilotsEYE.tv shows the actual source of those noises. “A familiar, yet disconcerting sound – combined with the corresponding image – loses its terrifying nature,” explains Captain Hansjochen Hoffmann.

How does a plane fly and how to deal with turbulence?

Hansjochen Hoffmann outlines the credentials of the aviation technology: how does an airplane fly, what happens if a propulsion unit breaks down, why is it necessary to avoid thunderstorms, and is lightning dangerous? For each phase before and during the flight, psychologist Arboleda-Hahnemann demonstrates effective techniques such as breathing, visualisation and self-motivation. This helps to overcome and control fear and insecurity.

Relaxing Above the Clouds

All 12 participants were able to reduce their fear of flying during the workshop. Of course the fear did not vanish completely after two days, however they could handle it in a much better way than before. One participant felt completely cured.

“We have been producing PilotsEYE.tv documentations about flying for the past five years. It was just a matter of time before publishing this PilotsEYE.tv special about how to handle the fear of flying and to get on board stress-free”, summarizes producer Thomas Aigner. The theoretical part of the workshop is complemented with material from previous PilotsEYE.tv episodes, where the audience sits right behind the pilot in the cockpit and witnesses, first-hand, the flights to beautiful destinations such as the North Pole or the Alps.

Welcome aboard! Stress-free.


DVD:     ISBN: 9783940358097  EAN:4260139480098  ASIN: B002Y0K2JS
Blu-ray:  ISBN: 9783940358196  EAN:4260139480197  ASIN: B002Y0K2KC

Flight data & Crew

  • Flight no.: PE 8664
  • Aircraft: Airbus 320,330,340
  • Run time: ca. 75 min
  • Captain |
    Joe Moser
  • Captain |
    Jochen Hoffmann
  • Captain |
    Martin Voegeli
  • Sen first Officer |
    Sandra Linder





  • TECHNOLOGY – simple explanations
  • FLIGHT PREPARATION – and its pecular sounds
  • TAKE-OFF – and the numerous helpers involved
  • TRICK OF THE SENSES – brakes in the air
  • CRUISING – and why an airplane flies
  • TURBULENCE – much ado about nothing
  • THE LANDING – and other euphoric moments