Low level over the Alps

Flight description

From East to West over the Alps

This PilotsEYE.tv adventure takes us from Vienna to Barcelona with an Austrian Airlines’ A321 above the entire East-West route of the Alps. Captain Hans Klikovich and his young co-pilot Conny Ollinger fly the passengers of the OS397 – thanks to a public holiday and „helpful air traffic controller” – at a particularly low altitude (7000m) from Vienna over the expanse of the Alps, along the Côte d’Azur, ending ultimately in Barcelona.

Mountain tops from close proximity

This route leads over spectacular summits of the Alps: Ötscher, Dachstein, Großglockner, Kaiser Mountains, Zugspitze, Matterhorn and a highlight of the flight, a close-up view of the Mont Blanc. During the flight, both pilots give detailed explanations of the individual peaks.

Over the course of 90 minutes, spectators witness the impressive and exciting thrill of flying: from the immense concentration of the crew during takeoff and landing, to the extraordinary views during the flight over the Alps. Witnesses are also privy to plenty of first-hand information from the crew, available in HD picture quality. For all German conversations English sub-titles are provided.

Experience the fascination of flying with PilotsEYE.tv

In each episode of PilotsEYE.tv, the viewer has his/her own personal seat in the cockpit. From this perspective, he/she has a 360-degree view of the pilots’ quarters, in this way the fascinating procedure in the cockpit can be witnessed before, during and after the flight. Everything from relevant radio messages, to in-flight commands can be heard, and easily understood.
„PilotsEYE.tv addresses the normal passenger as well as aviation enthusiasts“, says Thomas Aigner, Managing Director of AignerMEDIA. „We let the viewer experience for the first time the real world of the pilots and what it’s like to be inside the cockpit of a commercial airliner. All images offer spectacular views, and you get the feeling of being live in the cockpit.“ Additionally, the High Definition technology presents DVD users with sharper and more vibrant pictures.
Take your own private jump seat in the cockpit.

Have a great flight!

Subtitles: English
Region Code: all areas (no restrictions)
Format: PAL (European norm) – will play on most DVD Players but will play on all PCs worldwide.

DVD:   ISBN 9783940358073    EAN 4260139480074    ASIN B00191PKRM
Blu-ray:   ISBN 9783940358172    EAN 4260139480173    ASIN B001G9XRH2

Peter from California said:

“All I can say , this is by far my most favorite aviation DVD …
First rate production … Composition! …Scenery! …Color! …Audio! …
The lower then normal altitude view of the Alps from above 5 countries is just fantastic and breathtaking!
The crew and passengers on this trip Vienna – Barcelona had a once in their life travel experience. Just watching this DVD you will too!
Just listen to the polite ..professional exchanges [request to change routing] between the Austrian cockpit crew and the ATC controllers [from 5 different countries !] is amazing.

If you have friends or relatives in the US or Canada, this DVD would be a perfect present . This DVD [PAL] Is “All Region” and plays on any computer..Switches to full screen right after you load it.”


Flight data & Crew

  • Flight no.: OS 397/8
  • Aircraft: Airbus A321-200
  • Run time: ca. 90 min
  • Chief Pilot & Captain |
    Hans Klikovich
  • First Officer |
    Cornelia Ollinger





  • Low level flight over Alpine Backbone
  • 6 HD-cameras capture every detail
  • Original cockpit crew communications
  • A glimpse of the sidestick and instruments
  • From the Schneeberg to Mont Blanc
  • Special low flight level (22000ft)
  • With fantastic clear visibility
  • two Starts and two landings