To the roof of the world

Flight description

Düsseldorf… early in the morning. Captain Joe Moser and his copilot Sascha Mertens prepare for a round trip to the North Pole, 6 hours away. His “baggage”… 300 passengers who have booked this maiden flight and will enjoy a live image feed directly from the cockpit. Filmed in high definition of course.

Following takeoff from runway 05 Right, the route takes them towards Hamburg, Denmark and Sweden, directly towards the island of Spitzbergen. Although the weather forecast predicts light snowfall and fog, the cloud cover opens up at the last moment giving a breathtaking view of the wonderful scenery with its fjords and the birthplace of many an iceberg.

Shortly before the North Pole, we drop again to a cruising altitude of 3,000m and, with a countdown, D-ALPG starts its initial left bank. With pack ice beneath us, we have a feeling inside of being directly on top of the world.

After several loops over the Pole, the next attraction is already in store: the east coast of Greenland await us, where, form above, the mountains look like “sawn off tree trunks”: so great is the force with which the eternal ice has eaten away at the stone. Huge glaciers are replaced by rounded mountains, the mountains in turn by massive fields of pack ice.

The Scottish Highlands are tinted red as we leave Iceland’s coastline behind us. A mail aircraft approaches picturesquely close to the moon as Joe and Sascha slowly start to prepare for landing. As flight LTU 9999 touches down again on runway 05 Right, we have 12 hours flight behind us and simply indescribable impressions burnt into our memories. Seeing is believing!
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English subtitles provided for the german parts of the conversation.

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Flight data & Crew

  • Flight no.: LTU 9999
  • Aircraft: Airbus A330-200
  • Run time: ca. 82 min
  • Chief Pilot & Captain |
    Joe Moser
  • First Officer |
    Sascha Mertens





  • Sightseeing flight to the north-pole
  • Cockpit-view in High-Definition
  • Spitzbergen cloudless
  • Subtitles in English
  • Airbus A330-200
  • Night-landing in Düsseldorf
  • View on the roof of the world
  • Captain Joe Moser explains the characteristics of this unusual route
  • Return-flight along the wonderful east-coast of Greenland