Nine hours to paradise

Flight description

The Maldives – a dream destination, not only for our guests in the cabin, but also for us in the cockpit. An exemplary takeoff from Düsseldorf’s runways 23L heading south. Via the so-called takeoff route KUMI T1, we then head towards Frankfurt and, as we set course for Vienna, the sun starts to set in an unreal deep red only known from kitschy Hollywood films!

Over eastern Turkey, it’s time for a nice slice of Sache chocolate cake and a freshly brewed cup of coffee, while copilot Stefan Kater gives us a detailed explanation of the navigation display and its readings. He elucidates, for example, the calculations needed to allow for wind shear from different directions and why a second aircraft on the same route has been flying for so long directly beneath us (600 meters).

Joe Moser gives us a brief introduction to kerosene prices while Stefan prepares meticulously for the approach… the landing in Male. The single runway looks from a distance like an aircraft carrier because the airport engulfs almost the entire island.

After the flight, we are rewarded with a five minute circuit flight over the archipelago, the TwinOtter of the local Maldives Airtaxi company also being piloted by our captain Joe Moser. And as the icing on the cake, we get some unique footage of the aircraft landing in Munich: the helicopter – piloted by another LTU captain Peter Thoma – was able to cover the landing Airbus as it approaches and sets down on the runway, showing Munich Airport from a fully new perspective.

Düsseldorf – the Maldives, a unique experience!
Please be seated!

DVD:   ISBN 9783940358028    EAN 4260139480029    ASIN B000QFBXKA
Blu-ray:   ISBN 9783940358127    EAN 4260139480128    ASIN B001MTUB6Q

Flight data & Crew

  • Flight no.: LTU 730
  • Aircraft: Airbus A330-200
  • Run time: ca. 70 min
  • Captain |
    Joe Moser
  • Captain |
    Stefan Kater





  • Breathtaking sunrise over eastern turkey
  • Engl. subtitles for German conversation
  • Approach over the North Male Atoll
  • Air to Air shot at the approach in MUC
  • Primary flight display made simple
  • 6 HD-cameras capture every detail
  • Original cockpit crew communications
  • Sightseeing-flight over Male islands