La Palma


Flight description

(All episodes include English and German subtitles.)

Munich Airport, 5 a.m., humid November fog in the air.

For the mostly still-tired passengers of the Condor flight to La Palma it’s the beginning of a gorgeous holiday. For Captain Thomas Lindner and his well-rested crew it’s just another day at the office. Their working day begins with the check list routine before takeoff: runway condition, wind direction, visibility, flight path, fuel – every item on the list is checked with the utmost attention.

No ice, please!

In these cold and humid weather conditions, the A320-212 needs to be deiced before take off. A process that, according to Co-pilot Patricia Gross, can be quite lengthy, depending on external temperatures and the deicing-mixture.

Touchdown with a twist – and a helicopter escort

Landing at La Palma is an event in itself: the plane begins its approach heading straight for a rock face, then, at the last second, turns right for a quick touchdown on the airstrip. The landing process is made even more difficult by a runway that has follow the island’s contours, slanting first up and then down. It’s a tense moment, and requires full concentration by the pilots. Even after a successful landing, their work is not done, as reaching the terminal requires a full 180 degree turn.

For the audience to fully appreciate the difficulties of landing at La Palma, PilotsEYE.tv escorted several take-offs and landings by helicopter for some spectacular footage.

Island romance in the shadow of a volcano

La Palma is one of co-pilot Patricia’s favorite destinations.

As such, she quite enjoys the opportunity – in a PilotsEYE.tv episode special – to present a few local sights to the audience, first flying to the crater of the San Antonio volcano, then continuing on foot to visit La Palma’s banana plantations until finally taking a well deserved rest in a dreamy beachside cafe.

15 knots of cross-wind and all landings are off

Due to the particular difficulties of landing at La Palma, only specially certified pilots may be at the stick during final approach. (Both difficulties and requirements are explained in full detail as bonus material on the disc.)

This is your Co-pilot, speaking!

In addition to the regular audio track, this episode also features commentary for each scene by co-pilot Patricia Gross. Audio track 2 (audio commentary) adds a very special perspective to the film. The first hand explanations by one of its pilots makes this episode especially interesting for both flight enthusiasts and air travel aficionados.

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Price and availability

The latest and by now 8th epsiode of PilotsEYE.tv, ´LA PALMA´, is available on DVD and Blu-ray for € 29,90. Order online directly at http://pilotseye.tv, via Amazon.de or Amazon.uk. You can find the complete PilotsEYE.tv portfolio at airport shops in Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Berlin and Munich, or select aviation and bookstores all over the world.

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Flight data & Crew

  • Flight no.: DE 596/597
  • Aircraft: Airbus A320-212
  • Run time: 110 min
  • Captain |
    Thomas Lindner
  • Sen first Officer |
    Patricia Gross





  • De-icing in Munich at -6 Celsius
  • Sunrise over Lisbon
  • Approach Oddities at SPC
  • Island tour with Patricia
  • Take-off calculations explained
  • Breathtaking view from Cote de Azur to Mont Blanc
  • Crucial last-minute runway change (from 26L to 08R)
  • NEW: Audio commentary by first officer