Welcome to the cockpit

One Cockpit | Two Pilots | SIX Cameras


20_bkk_thumb_pre "Joe Moser's final approach" 45 years of duty in 120 minutes Bangkok-Singapore-Bangalore @the gate Nov 2018. Vorbestellen (Amazon)

Welcome to the cockpit

ONE Cockpit | TWO Pilots | SIX Cameras

Experience the fascination of flight – through the pilot’s eye.

Captured in Full HD from takeoff to touchdown, PilotsEYE.tv presents the most breathtaking, interesting and exciting moments of air travel in feature film length episodes. Take your chance to jump into the pilot’s seat.

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  • Thanks to all of you - keeping the spirit of flying appreciated and show it to the world! I have not seen any other source of enthusiasts expressing their love to flying - like teh Pilots on Pilot’s Eye. Thanks a lot for yers of insight into the real life of Pilots. As ex German - jawoll, ich bin in Deutschland geboren, und war Pilot - I really enjoy the comments and the entertaining part of an privileged job. Danke und Tschuess - Gruss from SYDNEY Neil from Australia on 27. September
  • Thanks for these great videos! Cant wait for the next to arrive. Would love to see in the future some turboprop action on smaller airports - this would be something totally different than so far. Keep up the good work! Jan from Finland on 16. September
  • Love these videos! great quality and sound, and the way they illustrate things is awesome, very self explanatory these videos. Best office in the word! Sebastian Belalcazar from United States MIA on 5. September
  • Lieber Joe, schade der letze Flug. Die Flüge mit Dir im Film waren mitunter immer die besten. An Witz und Info, und man hat gemarkt dass, du dabei voll deinen Spass hattest. Bestimmt ist es, wenn man es mit so viel liebe und Herzblut betreibt, hart die Fliegerei an den nagel Hängen zu müssen. Dann wird es wohl wieder der Segelflieger im in den Alpen werden. wenn du mal in den Dunstkreis von EDME kommst lass es mich wissen. Die besten Filme von Pilot eys. absolut affengeil. Ich freu mich schon auf November! thomas from Bayern on 2. September
  • Yes! missed my location, many thanks to all you pilots and engineers and ground staff, who have played a big part to this industry. NORMAN CARTER from FRANCE on 5. August
  • Absolutely breathtaking footage. Great to see the professionals in the cockpit making it look so easy. Brilliant! Chris Goodrich from United States on 4. August
  • I truly enjoy these videos. The quality of sound, video and the logical way of showing different views throughout the narrative. Armando Rubiano from Australia on 24. July
  • These videos you have taken are not only used in pilot training. In addition, anyone who is trained in airport operations, ground handling, air traffic control, meteorology, flight planning and monitoring uses these videos in their training. We thank you. Harun from Turkey on 23. July
  • Only recently found this site. Truly brilliant. Thank you Stewart Lay from UK on 9. July
  • Velen Dank, many thanks für Eure tollen Videos bzw. DVD's. Vor allem der Thomas Frick, Shanghai und Miami, ein sympathischer Mensch. Bleibt dran, macht weiter so! Keep it up! Grüße aus Pirna/Dresden. Maik Budweg from Germany on 6. July
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Current flight path - Bangkok Singapore 777F

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Flight data

  • Flight no.: 530/531
  • Aircraft: B777F
  • Run time: 120 min


  • Captain |
    Joe Moser
  • Captain |
    Kai Dömkes
  • Captain |
    Nora Boussard