Bienvenue dans le cockpit

UN cockpit | DEUX pilotes | SIX caméras

Most of the time.

  • They will not play on regular (older) NTSC DVD-Players.
  • Our PAL Films (1080p25 and 576i50) will always play on Computers.
  • They mostly play on Playstations
  • They mostly play on regular Blu-ray Players with 25p
    (25 frames progressive)
  • Almost every Flat screen can handle these European framerates.

For technical interested: The framerate for NTSC Films is 60 frames interlaced or 30 frames progressive. The framerate for PAL is 50 frames interlaced or 25 frames progressive. Flatscreens can display both rates but (cheaper) players sometimes read only NTSC.

Due to the differences in format and the often lacking features of older equipment, we cannot guarantee that our discs will play on any NTSC equipment. Here’s what you need to know:

The technical details: The standard frame rate for NTSC films is 60 frames interlaced, or 30 frames progressive. The standard frame rate for PAL is 50 frames, interlaced or 25 frames, progressive. Flat screen TVs can usually display both frame rates, but cheaper or older model players sometimes read only NTSC.

(2015 Update) Beginning with the Episode No.15 Airlounge, all our Blu-ray discs are 1080p24 – which will play “worldwide” since it is the official Cinema-Framerate.